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Smile Train

Smile Train is a worldwide charity which has, to date, provided over one million free facial surgeries to children who suffer from a Cleft pallet. This birth defect is caused primarily by a deficiency of Folic acid in the mother’s diet. In poorer, impoverished countries, expecting mothers are either not aware of, or do not have the money to buy folic acid supplements, something that we can easily take for granted here in the modern developed world.
Children born with clefts in these countries face a horrible future if the problem is left untreated. They are refused entry into schools as they are a distraction, their parents are alienated and are labelled as having a cursed child.

The child will have trouble speaking, eating and drinking as well as knowing that they look very deformed and in most cases are incapable of a smile.
Smile Train sends surgeons around the world to train local doctors in many, many countries how to perform the 45minute surgery which costs only $250.00.

The before and after pictures are staggering. The gift of giving a child not only a smile, but a reason to smile can only be described as a miracle in itself. Doesn’t every child deserve every chance to succeed in life with just the most basic of tools…..A SMILE ?…
Please click on this link to go to the Smile train website www.smiletrain.org