We Love these Organizations

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Danny Thomas is St. Jude’s founding father. He said ” No child should die in the dawn of life”.
After he decided this, he founded what we know today as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
This hospital treats only children, with all kinds of childhood cancer.

 One of the wonderful things about this hospital is that no parent will ever receive a bill from St. Jude’s and an even more heartwarming fact is that ‘no child will ever be turned away due to their parent’s inability to pay.
It’s 100% free. The parents are put up in accommodations and given board for free. The child will receive the most advanced treatments and the benefits of cutting edge breakthrough that St. Jude’s scientists and Doctors work tirelessly to discover and master day after day, every day, for free.

Another wonderful thing about St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital is that it shares it’s discoveries and breakthrough’s freely with other hospitals and cancer specialists all over the world so that other children may benefit from their findings.
Can you imagine other companies such as Pharmaceutical or drug companies doing that?…
“I certainly cannot!”
What has this done for childhood cancer in general ?
Well, survival rates for certain childhood cancers have skyrocketed up to 90% in some cases.
But unfortunately, some cancers remain very serious with little or no known treatments available at this time.
“What can I do ?”.. I asked myself one day, over ten years ago.

First I returned donation envelope that came through the mail (only days after I was learning about St. Jude’s.
Then another…… and another…… and so on…. for years…
In return, St. Jude sent me photos of smiling, happy children as well as a card on my birthday every year.

Almost all the children are smiling at St. Jude’s by the way. It is a happy place where laughter, hope and joy fill the halls and corridors. They are an inspiration to us all. Perhaps braver than any of us would be under the same circumstances.
I have since become a PARTNER IN HOPE, and they take an agreed sum out of my account every month.

Then came the St. Jude charity walks….
I donated heavily to a team every year and was astonished at the lack of support that St. Jude had for raising money in this area. An A rated elementary school in this county with over 800 families failed to raise more than about $300. Only 2 families from that school attended the walk. The team Captain was also a teacher at this school, one who never stopped trying to rally support. You are an angel and you know who you are.
So, instead of donating to teams that were struggling to raise funds, I decided to become a sponsor of the walk instead.
It was my proudest moment as a business owner.
The walk has since left Naples and only takes place in select cities across the US.

But this doesn’t mean that somewhere in the world right now, as we speak, a mom and dad aren’t sitting across the desk from a Doctor as he delivers the devastating news that their child has cancer.

Imagine for a moment being told ” I’m sorry but YOUR CHILD HAS CANCER”
Please click on this link to go to the St. Judes website: www.stjude.org